Aromatic vapors from this mixture of essential oils that include Lavender, Eucalyptus and 3 other potent, powerful and soothing essential oils, will provide relief to your sinuses and respiratory system during times of seasonal changes and low humidity.

Aromatic vapors from this mixture of essential oils that include Lavender , Chamomile and 3 other potent, powerful essential oils that relaxes your nervous system to assist with insomnia and getting a good nights rest.


DIRECTIONS: Adults and Children>2 years old: 2-3 inhalations in each nostril as needed. Children<2 years of age: consult a physician

ESSENTIAL OIL AROMA: is present for a minimum of 2 months after initial use. Keep the inhaler tightly closed to preserve aroma.

WARNINGS: One person use only. If used by more than one person, there is a greater risk of spreading viruses and infections. Keep out of reach of small children. All oils are safe with no contraindications. However, if pregnant, consult with your physician first.


Net weight. .01oz ( 285 mg)


The inhaler provides relief from colds, flus, allergy discomfort, sinus discomfort, bronchial issues and respiratory issues, such as infections.
*Please note that when you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues listed that it is advised to cut back and/or cut out dairy and meat products while you are recovering.


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