Hidden Legends: Jeremy and Rashika Craft

Updated: Jul 4

Jeremy and Rashika Craft are the owners of Black Book Houston, LLC. Jeremy and Shika were High School Sweethearts who graduated from North Shore Sr. High School. The couple departed ways after graduating to attend different Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) Jeremy graduated from Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering while Rashika graduated from Grambling State University (GSU) with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Upon graduating the two would eventually reunite and get married. After getting married, the Craft’s inspired one another to pursue their passions of service and are now full-time entrepreneurs with several businesses.

What are you doing in your craft that impacts your community?

The Craft’s are passionate about uplifting Black Owned Businesses. As a testament of their passion, they created Black Book Houston, LLC. to advance economic growth and development within the Black Community by promoting Black Owned Businesses through education, networking, and advocacy while providing locals and tourists with a platform to interact with these businesses.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path in the industry?

Have a strong relationship with God and be passionate about whatever industry you aspire to go in. Your relationship with God will keep you sane through the rough times, and humble in the prosperous times. It will also teach you how to overcome whatever obstacles life may throw your way. To be passionate about your pursuits is also very important. A lot of people aspire to go into certain industries for monetary gain, but for us we do it out of passion. Our passion is one of the things that keeps us motivated, consistent, and unbothered by haters.

What is one quote you live by?

James 1:2-4