Hidden Legend of Los Angeles: Jalynn Jones

Jalynn Jones, age 27, is a Healthcare Sales and Marketing Executive who utilizes her 9-5 as a tool to grow her resume writing business. She's an HBCU Graduate, an Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman, and a Master of Gerontology. She's originally from Los Angeles, CA, but has called Atlanta, GA home since the age of 5. Her career profoundly commits to the empowerment of other small businesses, individuals, and creative powerhouses. Jalynn unintentionally learned how to construct resumes while in college. She’d later spend five years implementing self-taught job search strategies to elevate her career, which successfully earned her place in Corporate America. With nearly ten years of experience curating clientele, Jalynn spent the majority of her youth under the mentorship of successful, non-traditional business owners, which is where her passion for ideation, value generation, and formation services began. Now the owner of Adrenne. The Business Boutique​, she looks forward to offering a variety of consultative services that maximize personal growth and access to affordable advisement for clients who are determined to capitalize on their brand power.

How are you impacting your community?

Jalynn is committed to closing the wealth and career matriculation gap by providing high-touch yet, affordable resume writing, career counseling, interview coaching, and salary negotiation services to communities of color to boost professional development awareness while igniting a flame of success in those POC already knee-deep in their industry. She shares: ”Most of our clients are long-standing clients who return every six months for scheduled revisions. We connect our clients to money mentors, human resource professionals, and mental health resources. We bring out the c level executive in everyone!

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path in the industry?

Great question! I encourage aspirants to get connected to the Brand Build Launch page on Facebook; it's a total game-changer. Another great Facebook group to engage with is ”Black Women Promote.” Groups like these make it is so easy to learn and grow without shelling out a dime! I'd also encourage resume writers to build or utilize a Client Relations Management (CRM) system to manage their clients. As the business grows, resume writers should do quarterly productivity reviews and identify ways to make the business work without having to work physically. I’d lastly encourage aspiring resume writers to have a five-year goal/vision so that the brand developed grows with you.

What separates you from your competitors?

Two significant superpowers of ours are: our packages are the most affordable on the market & continuous process that infuses motivation and manifestation as crucial ingredients to our shared client success.