Hidden Legend of Joliet, IL: Coffe' Summers

Coffe’ Summers is a rising journalist and media enthusiast. Currently, Coffe’ runs her own publication called Coffea that focuses on the lifestyles of growing entrepreneurs, which can be found www.coffeamag.com. She has interviewed and covered stories on industry leaders such as Robin Kelly, Luxury Law, Lisa Price, Chrishon Lampley, and TJ Jackson. She remains dedicated to increasing platforms for creatives. From directing to publishing, Coffe continues to push towards creating timeless pieces globally. Coffe’ can be heard on her weekly podcast, No Sugar No Cream. Along with invited guests, she shares stories on life, love, lessons learned, and lots of laughs. Her podcast can be heard on 11 different outlets.

How are you impacting your community?

Growing up in a family that stayed grounded in the community, I volunteered for multiple organizations. I currently tutor, as well as , offer my graphic skills to help raise the awareness of two non-profit organizations; National Hook-up of Black Women, Inc and After The Peanut Foundation. I am a firm believer of leading by example. I would like to do more locally, but remaining available for projects where I am needed is the lane that I fit in. Hopefully, by continuing to follow my dream and remaining diligent can inspire someone someday.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path in the industry?

For someone wanting to follow my path in the media industry I would tell them that there is no formula guaranteed. Most times, in fact, passion beats out talent. It takes patience, humility, and the right amount of confidence to know that no matter how many people are doing what you are doing there can only be one you. When I first started, I wasn't prepared. I believed that as long as I liked it, so should everyone else. Wrong. I studied and created a space for myself. Unfortunately, others had no clue that I would rather be on a team than to have to depend on myself to create. You find with experience and a ton of questions asked that anything is possible. Last I would leave them with this secret. The main ingredient I found on my journey was the ability to listen. Networking, mentorship, and even those who have succeeded before you will tell you about their experiences and what to keep your eyes out for. It takes no shine from your light to respect and listen. Listen to understand and listen to dissect. Pull pieces of your reality and create your own personal guidebook based on what you have learned.

What separates you from your competitors?

Me. My perspective on life, work, and the love I have for what I do separates me. I don't wake up saying how can I be different. I wake up saying how can I be better. The only person I am competing with is me. I challenge you to go along my ride with me. Experience the people I highlight through my lens, and enjoy the content I create.