Hidden Legend of Houston Texas: Dekarian Ashley

Please tell us more about your organization and what your providing to the world.

My organization is based on artist, djs, promoters, camera men/women, & artist. We are like an brotherhood who support each other, we also have our own brands and work 9-5 to support ourselves. Motivation & Loyalty is the key for all of us!

Thank you, have your path been easy or difficult? If someone was to follow your same path, what would be some advice you would tell them?

I would advise my path to be difficult, stressful, motivating, as well as hardworking. The advise that I would give any upcoming artist is to keep going no matter what! This game is not meant for YES MEN or YES WOMEN; you have to be strong and be able to accept all criticism in this field of business. If not, you will be eaten alive!

Greatness is in your near future, what should we be expecting from you as you impact your community and continue to make history in your respected industry?

As far as expectations from me; I like to give back to the community as far as passing out food to the homeless, helping elder people around the house/yard, and also supporting local charities.