Hidden Legend of Greater Richmond Area: Kia Jackson

Hello! My name is Kia Jackson and I am the CEO and Founder of Kid Well Being, an eco-friendly brand and marketplace that supports safe, healthy products and the wellness of your child. I am also a Training and Technical Assistant (TTA) Consultant Coordinator, providing targeted and tailored training and technical assistance to states, tribes, territories, and communities to improve juvenile justice systems. My 5 year headline: “Minority, Serial Entrepreneur Saves thousands of Children with New Child Tracking Solution.”

How are you impacting your community?

At-risk youth have always been the center of my heart. My current efforts in business, work, and my personal life are geared toward the safety and well-being of our most vulnerable populations. I am currently working on efforts to prevent child abduction and child and human trafficking.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path in the industry?

Follow your heart and be mindful of your purpose. We are all here for a reason. Control what you can and never, ever give up.

What separates you from your competitors?

"The world tried to change me, but I instead changed the world."