Hidden Legend of Dallas: Tamara Batsell

I'm a 50 plus fashion/lifestyle content creator. I share fashion and lifestyle inspiration for the woman over 40. At around. 40 I saw a need for the 40 plus woman to be celebrated for her beauty and substance. I was noticing that this age group was beginning to feel invisible and not pleased with their appearance. So I started blogging and it has expanded into collaborations with small businesses, videos, and creating social media content. Although I love fashion I'm not a label snob or obsessed with the latest trends. My passion is to help women look beautiful, defy age, and feel empowered! Personally, I'm single with no children and love to explore different things in life. I like to travel, eat good food, hang at a happy hour, smoke a good cigar, be around funny people, learn, help others and so much more 😊

How are you impacting your community?

I strive to introduce products, services, and businesses of great quality on social media. I've done a great deal of work/collaborations with boutiques and those in the beauty industry. Finding talented and trustworthy services is so important and valuable. I really do vet those that I work with and its not only important that they do great work but that they are good people as well. Helping people to look and feel good is impactful. It goes beyond skin-deep. How you present to the world and feel internally can not be taken lightly. It will effect every aspect of your life. I hope my impact is to help others find resources that will make a positive game-changing difference in their life and business.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path in the industry?

Study. Social media is constantly changing and it's important to keep up with the changes. Find a good social media/business group of like minded people to brainstorm and learn from. Find professionals that are more advanced and watch them. Learn by how they move. Don't forget your unique voice. When the time is right invest in a business coach.

What separates you from your competitors?

Well... there aren't a lot of 50 plus black content creators (style influencer). I do follow and support the ones I've found. I think my style is unique because I'm all over the place. I can be bohemian, trendy, classic, urban, and more. I think my sense of humor and transparency is appreciate. I share my faults and mistakes in life. I just don't talk fashion but life. Also, I love working with businesses to share social media tools and techniques that will help them thrive.