Hidden Legend of Dallas: Nicolis Smith

Nicolis “Nikko” Smith is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who was born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. With talents ranging from his first love as a singer/ songwriter to a thriving creative director and wardrobe stylist, he takes no prisoners when it comes to visually maximizing anything. In late 2019, Nikko decided that he wanted to be known as an artist, not just a singer, and incorporate his love for fashion and photography with his first love, music, to create walking masterpieces.

How are you impacting your community?

I’m providing unforgettable experiences to my clients, as well as my followers. My work represents fashion, art, and music, so it connects with people in various ways. I also encourage my community along my own journey. I believe we all can win.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path in the industry?

Stay consistent and stay focused. You must have thick skin. This industry is very competitive and so many people are doing the same thing. Find your niche and ride that until the wheels fall off. Always stay true to who you are and stand firm in your work.

What separates you from your competitors?

My consistency and presentation separates me from competitors. Plus, the only person I compete with is myself, so that pushes me to always elevate.

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