Hidden Legend of Dallas: Karrington Sneed

I’m a R&B/Soul singer born and raised in Dallas, TX. I’m 24 years old Senior that attends Prairie View A&M University studying Psychology. Not to sound cliché but who I am is simple, a girl with a dream to influence and change the way people see music and their world. I don’t plan on working a 5-9 job unhappy. I want to do what brings me joy to a purpose to my life. I’ve found my joy which is music.. singing and I’m my purpose isn’t just one goal. I love to help, nurture and guide people in their right direction. Not all directions are our traditional but if you can create a path for yourself and you’re truly HAPPY with that. That’s the path you take. I plan to change the world one song at a time and normalize being joyous again. That’s who I am.

How are you impacting your community?

My community right now are my family and friends so I’ve been learning throughout this pandemic. The ones who are the closes around you start with your impact then it’ll be contagious enough to reach their friends and their families. Even if it’s a phone call, a listening ear or going over to their house and playing games, simply giving. That’s my contribution to my community. Bringing light to a dark area even when I feel like I have nothing to give. I’m blessed and grateful that I have the resilience to continue to give because you never know what someone may need in the nick of time and you may just be someone’s saving grace.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path in the industry?

KEEP GOING! I can’t stress enough. When you take yourself seriously people will too. Remind yourself frequently why you do what you do in the to keep you focused when you lose it because some days you will. It’s not about what you have over someone else or comparing what they don’t have that you do. Support and encourage everyone around you even when it seems like you’re the only one doing it. Make sure whatever decisions you make for your career are in line with your morals and never let anyone stand in the way of that. Also, stay knowledgeable about your craft, it’s never too late to learn new things and we never stop learning no matter how old we get. It’s never too late to chase a dream. You can do it. Keep positive people in your circle because who you hang around are your influences. So make sure you’re clear headed and that you do it for who matters.

What separates you from your competitors?

Work ethic and originality. I believe that if you stay in your lane and know when to step out the box is when you have great success.