Hidden Legend of Dallas: Destinee Chanel of The Soul Haus

I am Destinee Chanel, ex designer and host of The Soul Haus a podcast focusing on the black millennial perspective.

How are you impacting your community?

I impact my community by asking questions and having conversations that most people are afraid of. I aim to heal our generation and teach the art of healing your inner child by addressing your childhood trauma.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path in the industry?

Know yourself first. Before I was able to get to this point I had to do a lot of inner work. You can’t be out here preaching things that you don’t practice.

What separates you from your competitors?

I’m different from my competitors because I don’t follow waves or trends my art isn’t based on what’s hot at the moment. It’s built off real and raw conversations. You simply can’t compete with that.

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