Hidden Legend of Dallas: Abbriana Cox

I am 27, and the mother to a beautiful son. I am in the Army Reserves as a 68k (medical laboratory technician) and continued this path for my civilian career and excelled super fast. Here recently I became unchallenged in my career and felt like a change was needed to be had. I am the biggest hopeless romantic you will ever meet. I am so in love with the concept of love that it brings me nothing but joy to bring it to others. I have always been the go to person for those around me when it game to ideas of where to go, where to eat and what to do. So when someone suggested that I do this for a living I naturally blew them off. I didn’t think it would be a market and I really just did it to help people around me and myself. But one day I took the leap and it’s been an exciting journey ever since.

How are you impacting your community?

Currently I am impacting my community by doing my part in keeping families together. A lot of my customers are busy professionals who don’t always have time to put something together that’s out of their norm. A lot of times when they found me they have been stuck in this movie and dinner or Netflix and chill routine. My company gives them a chance to date like they never have before or get back to what they did before the jobs, kids and everything else made it seem not so important. I also am very selective with my vendors and use POC businesses and other small businesses majority of the time. We will soon be rolling out a special program to give the couples that fall under a certain income a chance to experience something new and different.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path in the industry?

The community is small but full of creatives. Find your niche and target audience in the beginning and build around that. This business is about love and giving love and everyone is not for it. You have to be able to give 2 people an experience that fit their relationship how many ever times with a number of people. Listen! Feedback is everything and can be a life saver especially when in the middle of trying times! Having the ability to adapt and a team that can think on their feet is a must you won’t survive without it. Remember it’s their date not yours, and make sure you are coming from a living and helping standpoint the money will make itself.

What separates you from your competitors?

The amount and type of services we offer. Also, our brand is built to be inclusive of all types of love between legal adults.

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