Hidden Legend: Jasmine Reddick

Updated: Jul 4

My name is Jasmine Reddick and I am from New York City, NY, Harlem to be exact. I express myself through fashion and I want to be at the forefront of black girl fashion as our style is often copied because the flavor we bring is like no other. Twentysomethingscloset.com is an up and coming online fashion boutique for women who would like to channel their inner sassy, unique, and elegant vibes. I founded this boutique because women have many hats they wear throughout life and it is important that women feel like they can express themselves through fashion and be bold in their approach. If you are going to brunch and want to stunt with a sleek fashion-forward look, you can find it here. If you are going to a day party and want to be bold and noticed in every step, you take, you can find it here. If you are going to a gathering with friends, we want you to bring your best self and strut while you are at it! Twentysomethingscloset.com brings out your best self through fashion! Our pieces can be mixed and matched to bring out a creative side that you didn't know you had or a side that hasn't been uncovered in a while. There are tons of options to mix and match to create your perfect outfit. Feel good in what you wear and how you wear it! My favorite pieces from the boutique are one pieces, whether it is a dress, romper, or jumpsuit. We have daytime looks and nighttime looks that will leave others thinking, "Where in the hell did she get that from? ....Let me ask her''.

What are you doing in your craft that impacts your community?

Twentysomethingscloset is here for the empowerment of women particularly black women with all shapes and sizes. We want women to feel confident and comfortable. We live in a society where women should not have to make a decision either way. Women should feel comfortable in their appearance and create the style of their choice.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow your path in the industry?

My advice would be to stay consistent, consistency is key. Fail early, fail fast so you can get back on track and so you know what works and what doesn’t work. Understand your audience, be agile in your approach.

What is one quote you live by?

Never give up.