At Knots & Twists Decor, we create and help you discover those special finds to revitalize your home using woven and crochet textures with yarn, wicker, wool and cotton products in an array of colors you will truly love. Browse our selection online to see what's in stock and find just what you have been looking for.

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Chunky Chenille SC Throw in Sunrise SC.j

Chunky Chenille SC Throws & Blankets

Starting at $47.99


Chunky Chenille Duo Throws & Blankets


Cotton Tube Pet Nest

Starting at $71.99

Cotton Tube Pet Mat


Chunky Chenille SC Throw Limited Edition

Starting at $112.00

Cotton Tube Pillows

Starting at $55..99

About Us

Knots & Twists Decor is a woman owned company and family ran business that enjoys creating and finding pieces that makes homes feel cozy, warm and inviting. Our product are hand knitted and hand made as we enjoy a homey feel. We are excited to provide the next unique piece for your home.

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