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Romance Isn't Dead, Your Just Busy.

What are People Saying?

"Simply, that it provided a stress-free day and that I was allowed to clear my mind and have a fabulous time. Usually when a celebration or date is being planned, at least one person takes on most of the responsibility to coordinate details & make it perfect. Even though they can still have a fun time, their mind is still on the details and making everything work. Also, I see all these romantic set-ups in movies & on Pinterest/Instagram, always thinking "Ooh, that would be so incredible!". It was pretty special to have that actually be real life & now as a beautiful memory."

-Susan P

Platinum Membership
The Platinum Membership was created for the couple that enjoys exclusivity and luxury in all aspects of their life. So why should your love life be handled any differently? Enjoy a monthly subscription into an exclusive community that is jam packed with essentials for a luxurious stress free romance.
Standing Date Night
Build a Date has found a way to offer our clients consistent romance through convenience. We present our all-inclusive monthly subscription where you will receive a number of fully* funded overnight dates (overnight includes activity, hotel stay and dinner*) or activity dates. Each package is priced to be a one stop shop!
Date Ideas
First date jitters? You don't want to do too much or subsequently do too little? Want to try something different for date night, but have no idea what is in the area? Build a Date can help make this transition as smooth as possible. Our romance experts are trained and ready to handle all types of situations. Just fill out the assessment and we will take care of the rest.
Choose Your Date Theme (Serving DFW Only)
Pick your style and your theme.
Take Your Pick
Generalized date ideas based around your dates love language. Each list is composed of 10 ideas that can be done any place services are provided.
After Hours
Date in A Basket
COVID have you stuck inside and you are in serious need of a date night? We have the perfect home date kit for you!

Do you have a wedding, anniversary or engagement party to go to but have no clue what to get the happy couple? Try the gift of experience out!
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Meet Abbrianna Cox

I am 27, and the mother to a beautiful son. I am in the Army Reserves as a 68k (medical laboratory technician) and continued this path for my civilian career and excelled super fast. Here recently I became unchallenged in my career and felt like a change was needed to be had. I am the biggest hopeless romantic you will ever meet. I am so in love with the concept of love that it brings me nothing but joy to bring it to others.